How do you determine the value of my portfolio?
What is a unit price?
When is the value of my portfolio updated?
How do I know if the value in my portfolio is the latest?
Why has the value of my portfolio not changed in the last 3 days?

Keeping an eye on your investments should be easy. However, with currency conversions, different time zones and market closures, it can get a bit tricky. Unhedged manages all of this complexity for you, so you don't have to worry. If you're interested in the details, this article explains it all.

Valuation of the Unhedged fund

As explained in our Unit trust article, Unhedged is a unit trust and each algorithm is an investment option of the fund. When you invest money in an algorithm, you purchase a number of units of that investment option. These units represent the value of the underlying assets that the algorithms have bought.

At the end of each trading day in the US (overnight in Australia), the value of the assets in the Unhedged fund is determined. At the beginning of the next business day in Australia, the value of the assets in each algorithm is divided by the number of units outstanding in each algorithm (the number of units Unhedged customers have bought); this determines the price of a single unit in the fund per algorithm, the unit price.

The value of your portfolio equates to the number of units you bought across each of our algorithms multiplied by the unit price of each algorithm.

Updates to your valuation

Unit pricing occurs once per day on the NSW business day following the most recent US market close. Therefore, the value of your portfolio will update once per day, after unit pricing has occurred on a NSW business day. We aim to update your portfolio before 4.30 pm each NSW business day.

Impact of public holidays and market closures

As discussed, your portfolio value will update each time the unit price is updated.

This means that the value in your portfolio does NOT update on:
A NSW business day following a US market closure. If the market is closed, the value of the assets the algos have bought doesn't change. The US market is closed on weekends, US public holidays and very rarely due to extreme domestic or market events.
NSW public holidays, weekends and NSW bank holidays. On these days, unit pricing does not occur.

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