Why do we have a demo account?
How do I create a demo account?
Why do I have money in the demo account?
How do I change my demo account allocation?
What is Current Holdings?
How do I open a live account?

Try before you buy

At Unhedged we understand that investing money, however much, is a big deal. With our Demo account you can try the app as if it's real, and check out our real performance! It gives you the opportunity to become familiar with our algorithms before investing real money.

Even after you have opened a live account, you can return to your demo account to trial alternative allocations, before putting it to work on your real investment. You are in control!

Get started

Create a demo account simply by downloading our mobile app and registering with Unhedged. Once your email is verified, a demo account will automatically be created.

The demo shows the performance since inception of the fund. You are given $10,000 of play money so you can see what the returns would have looked like. When you get started, the allocation of the play money is Equal Weight. This pre-set invests equally across the 3 algorithms, 33.3% each. Learn more about the pre-sets here

The demo account functions just like the live account, there's a toggle to 'change allocation' on the demo dashboard. Once you've decided on your new allocation, apply the changes and the new allocation will execute overnight (AEST). To learn how to change your allocation you can check out this article: Change my allocation

See what the algos invest in

Current holdings show what the algorithms have invested in for you, this is a mixture of stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Bonds, such as 20 year US Treasury bonds. You can see the proportion of your money that is invested in this asset, and the change in price in the last 24 hours of trading.

Make it real

When you are ready, you can click 'Open Account' to open a live investment account. You will find the live account functions to be exactly the same as the demo account, but you'll be using real money instead. Remember that you can always return to the demo account through the menu. From the demo account you can easily switch back to your live account by clicking: Switch to Live. Learn more on how to start here

If you need any support while using the demo account or have any feedback, feel free to reach out to us by email to support@unhedged.com.au or by chat on our website.

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