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Biometrics - Set up Touch ID and Face ID when you first login.

Performance screens - Want to know more about the performance of each algorithm or what stocks you own? With the new Performance screens you’ll be able to see just how hard the algorithms are working for you.

Menu changes - When we designed the first version we wanted to do it a bit different… different is not always that clear so we brought the bottom menu back, you’ll never be lost again!

Allocations improvements - Know your allocations and the difference between Equal Weight, Equal Risk and Expert Mode in the app with our new and improved allocations experience. See how your account is currently split between the algorithms, choose a new allocation split or choose your own investment adventure with Expert Mode.

Push Notifications - Never miss a beat again, with our Push Notifications available in the app to let you know when your funds land, when your account has made a profit and other news for your account.

In App Chat - Got a burning question or need to speak to someone. Chat directly with us via Chat.

Automatic Rebalancing of Equal Weight & Equal Risk - When you choose an allocation and trust the Algorithms to save you from your own emotions, you don’t want to have to check in and adjust allocations when things change. Neither do we. So….we are sorting it. We’re working on an all new Equal Weight or Equal Risk allocations that will come with automatic rebalancing. Oh, and if you’re an existing customer, you won’t have to miss out! If you choose to, you’ll be able to change to the new and improved Equal Weight and Equal Risk to take advantage of auto rebalancing.

Recurring Direct Debit - And if 2022 is the year you want to get your wealth on auto pilot, get on board and set up your own recurring investment with Recurring Investments. Schedule recurring investments when you first open your account, or anytime within Invest. Start auto Investing after pay day, put in an Invest schedule for your kid’s school fees or get yourself closer to that new home deposit you’ve been dreaming about. Get on it!

Easier Payments - Want flexibility in your payment method? PayID and others coming soon.

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We’re super enthusiastic about the features that are coming up next, and would love to hear what you’d like to see. Please drop us a note via

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