When do I have Capital Gains Tax event?
What might trigger a CGT event?
Is there other taxable income?
How do I get the information for my tax return?

Sigh, Tax.
Never fun, but important to know about.

We cannot predict how much you'll owe or provide you with any advice,
but you can find a couple of pointers below.

The basics

When you withdraw money from Unhedged (sell units), you will likely trigger a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) event. You might also have a CGT event when you change your allocation, as you are buying and selling part of your investment.

In principle, investing in Unhedged (buy and selling units in our fund), will have similar tax implications to buying and selling regular stocks & bonds on the ASX.

The time you have held your investment may impact your CGT. It also depends on whether you hold your assets in a trust or if you have any unique tax arrangements in place. You are strongly advised to obtain independent tax advice, and/ or consult the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website for more information.


Dividend payments from the stocks and ETFs we invest in are reinvested. Your allocation of dividends will be included in your year-end tax report.


Following the tax year-end (June in Australia), we will provide you with an annual report detailing the dividend income, capital gains, franking credits, and capital associated with your investment. The report will also offer insights into the performance and fees.

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