What returns can we expect? What is the fund's performance?
Why are you not advertising the returns? Is there another way to get to know more?
Can I try Unhedged without putting money in? Is there a demo account?


What returns can you expect? The most difficult question to answer and one of the most asked.

Our algorithms aim to beat the benchmarks by a few percentage points over the long run (years). Remember, we earn the majority of our fees when your investment reaches an all-time high & we perform better than the market which helps align our incentives. However, investing is risky and there can be periods where we have a negative performance.

In the articles about the algorithms we show how the algo's would have performed if they were trading in the past (backtests) and the hypothetical returns they would have made. But past returns have no bearing on future returns!

So far, the algorithms are doing exactly as they are supposed to do and we are seeing similar returns to the backtest results.

Track our real returns in the Demo!

The best way to follow our returns in real life is to open a demo account. You automatically get one when you register in the app. This demo account has all the functionality of the live account but without real money. No real losses, but no real profits either!

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