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When will Unhedged be available?
When will the fund launch?
When can I download the app?

The Fund

Our Founder has been investing money through his algorithms for many years. The Unhedged Fund has been open since the 22nd of August 2021 and we launched the Fund for Sophisticated Investors in mid-October 2021, with a substantial volume of money invested in the Fund already.

The App

The Beta App is available for download in the App & Play store! The App opens a Demo account for everyone to trial. This is not real money, but it does show real returns of our algorithms. A good way to see if investing with Unhedged might be for you!

We systematically invite people on our Waitlist to open live accounts.

Unhedged was incorporated on Dec 7 2020. We have gone from idea to fully-fledged public algorithmic fund within a year: An incredible feat and a sign of the quality of the Unhedged team.

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