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What is a Buy/Sell spread?
What is the difference between the various unit prices?
How much is the buy/ sell spread?

What is a Buy/sell spread?

Typically, when you buy or sell assets on the stock market, there is a buy/sell spread. This is valid as well for your investment with Unhedged. When you put money in, take money out or change your allocation with Unhedged, you find a similar buy/sell spread. When someone moves money in or out, the algorithms change the positions. Every movement of funds will incur costs. The buy/sell spread ensures that transaction costs are allocated to the investors who are making transactions, not to investors who are not. It is not a fee paid to Unhedged.

Different Unit Prices

When you receive a confirmation of a transaction, we will notify you of the different prices.

Buy unit price:
when you add funds to Unhedged
when you increase your investment in a specific algorithm

Sell unit price:
when you withdraw money from Unhedged
when you decrease your investment in a specific algorithm

Unit price:
a price in between the buy & sell price that is used to calculate the value of your current investment


The Buy/Sell is charged according to the description in the Investment Options List (IOL) of the PDS. For all three investment options the estimated buy/sell amounts are: Buy spread +0.25% / Sell spread -0.50%. These are estimates only and are subject to change without notice.
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