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What does Unhedged cost?
What is the pricing structure?
Are there any transaction fees?
Do I pay every time an algo makes a trade?
Do I pay to hold cash?

We created Unhedged because we believe that the Wealth Management industry should align its outcomes with their clients outcomes. We also believe that everyone should have equal wealth opportunities.

We do things differently

Our success fee is only charged when we bring your investment to an all-time high AND outperform the market. It only makes sense!
Our pricing is the same for people who invest a small amount or a lot. We don't use fixed fees, thresholds or any fee tiering system that make discriminate based on size of the amount invested
There are no account holding fees, trading fees or fees to hold USD cash

Our fees

A Base fee of 0.49% per year on funds invested in algorithms. This is also known as an Asset Under Management (AUM) fee
Example: For a portfolio of $10,000 the fee is $49 per year (13 cents a day!)

A Success fee, sometimes called an overperformance fee, is charged only when your investment hits an all-time high AND when an algorithm performs better than its benchmark. We do not charge for overperformance if the value of your portfolio is declining. Our algorithms might still do better for you (lose less money than the market), but we don't think it is fair to charge for losing less. The fee is 20% of the overperformance (this is the additional value the algorithms generate compared to the benchmark). The success fee depends on the algorithm you have invested in, but it is reasonably estimated to range from 0% to 1.61% per year. Of course, past performance cannot be relied upon as an indicator of future performance.

Sounds complicated? Level up and learn more about our Success fee here.

We don't charge ...

... for any other account management fees
... a fee for every trade an algorithm makes
... for any amount of USD cash you hold


You will be exposed to buy/sell spreads when you add funds, withdraw or change your allocation. Learn more about the impact of buy/sell spread here.

Also, whenever you make money, the tax man wants to know about it. We can't change this. When you change your allocation, you might be exposed to capital gains tax. Learn more about tax here.

How to pay

All fees are automatically deducted from your investment. The fees are charged to the holdings of the Unhedged Fund. You will not get any invoices and there is no need to make any payments to Unhedged.

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