Can I invest with Unhedged?
Who can become a customer of Unhedged?
What type of investors can invest?
Does it matter that I am a Dual Tax Resident?
Can I invest via my Trust or SMSF?
Can I open an account for my children?

Australian residents

Unhedged is an Australian company under Australian regulatory regime so we can only offer our product to customers with an Australian address until we expand overseas.

Sophisticated & Everyday investors

Both sophisticated and everyday investors can register and invest. You will need to:
have a residential address in Australia
be over 18 years old


Non-individuals can also invest with Unhedged. For example, Trusts, SMSFs or companies. Please contact our support team either via chat or!

Dual Tax-residency

We accept people who have another tax residency besides Australian. But you need to let us know!

Eligibility check

So can you be a customer? If you satisfy the first two requirements above and
You are investing as a person: yes
You are investing through your Trust: yes
You are investing through your SMSF: yes
You are investing on behalf of a company: yes
You are investing on behalf of a company that has an AFS licence: yes
You are an Australian overseas and have an Australian address: yes, most likely
You are investing as a couple: no (we don't have joint accounts yet)
You are investing as a child: no (we don't have kids' accounts yet)
You are a citizen of another country and have nothing to do with Australia: no, not yet

Please note that all of these details are collected and verified by third parties when you apply to Unhedged. We cannot guarantee the outcome of the verification process.

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