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How do I change my allocation?
How long does it take to change my allocation?
How much does it cost to change my allocation?

Change your allocation in the App

You can change your allocation anytime within the Unhedged app by clicking "Change Allocation". Level up and learn more about how to choose your allocation here.
You can select 'Equal Weight' or 'Equal Risk' presets, or select your custom allocation in the Expert Mode. Level up and learn more about the allocation pre-sets here.
In Expert Mode, you can select a custom allocation across our three algorithms, and you can invest in cash.


You will get a confirmation email of your request immediately after you have confirmed this in the app. It will take us roughly one business day to process the allocation change (consider the effect of public holidays in the U.S. where the Unhedged fund trades, and in Australia). We will also send you an email when we have processed your allocation change request after which your new allocation will be reflected in the app.

Change your mind?

You can change your allocation as often as you want. Note that we will only process a new allocation once a day. If you change your mind, you can simply go into the app and request a new change. The last allocation request recorded before 7 am AEST will be processed.


We don't charge any fees to change your allocation. Remember that you will be exposed to a buy/sell spread every time you buy and sell investments. It might also trigger a Capital Gains Tax event. Read more about Tax here

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