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31 January 2022
1 March 2022
1 April 2022
2 May 2022
18 May 2022
1 June 2022
23 June 2022

Latest App Release: 11 July 2022

We got rid of all those pesky forms; withdrawals are now automated within the app! We’ve also made it easier to transfer your investment into USD Cash, in case you want to sit out the market for a minute. With this option, your funds will hold in USD Cash (idly watching the grass grow), waiting and ready for when you want to dive back in.

23 June 2022
Dashboard Updates & TFN Capture

This release, we focused on updating the dashboard. This included a visual and functional update for the graph and improved number crunching for our profit and loss calculation. We also added the ability for you to provide us with your tax file number and informational screens that appear for new users the first time they open the app.

Profit & Loss Calculation
We’ve improved our number crunching. Previously, the figures for performance included investments; every time you added money, the figures went up. While satisfying to see, the movement was more a reflection of your new investments rather than fund performance. We’ve made it clearer; our new calculation ignores investments and withdrawals. This means that the performance numbers will have changed with the update.

Graph Time Period Filters
We heard you when you said you wanted the time period filters back on the dashboard, and so we brought them back (and added a visual update). Once again, you can filter performance by week, month, year, or all time.

You can now provide us with your tax file number (if you wish) to make tax time easier. To do so, open the main menu, tap My Account, and see My Details. If provided, we’ll pass your investment information onto the ATO for you. We’ll also be sending your annual tax statement via email in July.

To help give new users a better idea of what they’re getting into with Unhedged, we’ve released informational first-time download screens. These are screens that’ll pop up when a new user first opens the app, and they just provide a bit more information about who we are and what new users can expect.

1 June 2022
App Styling Updates

We have been busy working on some larger app features, which will be released shortly - stay tuned! In the meantime, we’ve released a new main menu and made some minor bug fixes to keep your experience glitch-free.

New Main Menu
We’ve developed a fresh and personalised new main menu. It’s accessible from the same place as always, the menu icon in the top left corner of the dashboard. We’ve simplified things and made it more visually appealing (we think). We hope you like it!

Other Small Changes
As we build out the app and grow, we’ve found the occasional bug to squash. There were a few of those glitches that we fixed with the latest update, including visual and customer journey improvements.

18 May 2022
User Sign-up Flow Changes

Since our launch a few months ago, we’ve observed our customers signing up for live accounts in record times, with the average time being 4.5 minutes! We originally expected this would take around 10 minutes, so we’re a tad impressed. Our first update has to do with making that process even easier.

First Time Login Page
This release, we wanted to give customers the chance to sign up to a live account right from the start, and to challenge them to do it even faster than the 4.5-minute average. So the login screen now prompts customers to open a live account straightaway with the option to skip to a demo account as the alternative.

Profile Icon & Menu Updates
We have removed the profile icon from the home screen. It was originally intended to allow customers to upload a profile photo, but the function was never built. So its presence there, just hanging about, was confusing people. Hence, we removed it (to make room for bigger and better things). You can now access your account page through the menu at the top left of your dashboard. You’ll find your login, personal, and bank details there under Settings.

2 May 2022
Allocation and Dashboard Changes

This release was a big under-the-hood exercise: we have made the app faster and prepared for some major new features in the coming months. The more notable changes are:

We have added more space for the graph by tidying up the graph axis and to make space for the benchmarks we will launch in a few releases.

View Allocation
One of the most significant changes we made is that the allocation actually shows your current ratio between the algorithms instead of the chosen ones. Some algorithms do better than others and slowly over time the ratio will shift. We wanted to show that to you so that you can decide whether to adjust your allocation or not~

~ Changes to allocations may incur a buy/sell spread and may trigger a capital gains tax event. The buy/sell spread is to recover transaction costs in relation to such a change. See PDS for details.

1 April 2022
Easier Navigation and Additional Backtested Demo Data

More backtest data in Demo
We’ve extended the data in the Demo Account to give you three years of historical simulated performance in addition to our live performance. From October 2021 the graph reflects Fund performance.

Easier Navigation
We've added a bottom menu, that makes it easier to go places in the app and switch between your demo and live account. We have also improved the platform's stability and fixed a few bugs.

1 March 2022
Biometrics, Dashboard and Allocation Improvements

Set up Touch ID and Face ID when you first login.

Allocations improvements
Know your allocations and the difference between Equal Weight, Equal Risk and Expert Mode in the app with our new and improved allocations function. See how your account is currently split between the algorithms, choose a new allocation split or choose your own investment adventure with Expert Mode.

Dashboard Improvements
See your Live Dashboard and your investment performance updated, within hours of adding funds. This used to take 4 or 5 business days, we managed to squash this period to one business day!
New and improved Dashboard Graph that shows your performance since the account was funded (Live and Demo). You can use your fingers to scroll and zoom (pinch)
We added Dashboard messages so you know when a US/AU public holiday may impact your account, we are launching new algorithms or other important stuff.

Frictionless Funding
Changes within Open Live Account flow:
BSB Validation - no more mis-typing your BSB bank details. We show your bank name so you are sure about the details.
Plus, when you add funds, know that you can start with as little as $100!.
Need to notify us of dual tax residency? We’ve got it covered on our Getting to Know You screen.
And when you want to Withdraw we’ve improved that too.

No More Waitlist
All your friends can experience the future of automated investment! Download the Unhedged App and let our AI manage your money!

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31 January 2022
Easing Login Frustrations!

We have added Remember Me for your email address! If you, like all of us, expect to be able to see your password as you type it; click on the little eye in the password field.
And finally: Biometrics - show your phone who’s boss with Face ID and Touch ID. Set it up within Settings.
Address Validation - no more mis-typing your address and angering the gods of investment, getting emails from our support team and needing to supply more information. Delay, delay, delay. With Address Validation now in the Open Live Account flow, those days are over!
Bugs be gone - We’ve been in exterminator mode, but in a good way. Squashing bugs, making swipes swipe, clarifying messages in the Unhedged App.
Having fun changing your algo allocation every other day? You might need to think about the buy/sell impact and potential CGT. We’ve added a little reminder in the app.
Feel like you need some joy in your life? Don’t we all! Celebrate with confetti when your investments are getting ahead - just that rush of excitement we all get when we open a live account or invest.
Android icon - our Android Unhedged App icon has gone on a diet and now our logo fits nicely within the space.
Demo Dashboard - want to know how the demo dashboard really works? Explainer now in the app. Along with a few dashboard improvements.

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